How we rate the wines
exceptional Bulgarian wine
excellent wine
very good wine
good wine
decent wine
we like this wine as well
pleasant drinking
plain and simple
no comment


Retail price
up to 7.99 lv.
from 8 lv. to 13.99 lv.
from 14 lv. to 21.99 lv.
from 22 lv. to 35.99 lv.
over 36 lv.


  There is a historical or natural place of interest within 15 km
  Cellar tours
  Tastings at the winery
  Hotel at the premises of the winery
  Restaurant at the premises of the winery
  There are people who make us smile when we meet them. Without a good reason. They can be tall and slender, short and round, elegant or casual. But we give them a smile! There are such wines as well and this is our sign for them!
  Drink now!
  A winery presented for the first time