district Plovdiv, municipality Kaloyanovo, village of Pesnopoy 4208
Tel: +359 888 222 881; +359 2 946 1665; +359 887 424 434
Coordinates: 42°29'15"N 24°48'30"E
Tastings and cellar tours are available by appointment.  

Tasted Wines 2013

Chardonnay Traminer Moscato Giallo Rosè Svetlana Rosè Sangiovese Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir Tempranillo Mavrud Special

Tasted Wines 2014

Red Misket and Muscat Rose Sangiovese Tempranillo Special

Tasted Wines 2015

White sails Cabernet Franc, Darobas Merlot, Darobas Pinot Noir, Darobas Sangiovese, Darobas Rose, Darobas Chardonnay, Darobas Moscato Giallo, Darobas

Tasted Wines 2016

Rose Svetlana, Darobas Rose Leticia, Darobas Moscato Giallo, Darobas Sangiovese, Darobas

Tasted Wines 2017

Rosé Leticia Traminer, Darobas Special, Darobas

Tasted Wines 2018

Merlot Red Misket Cabernet Sauvignon Sangiovese Tempranillo Darobas Special Moscato Giallo

Tasted Wines 2019

Svetlana, Darobas Merlot, Darobas Cabernet Sauvignon, Darobas Syrah, Darobas Sangiovese

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