If you are holding this book, you must also be infected by the virus of love for wine. Whether you are only interested in wine tasting or you would like to know what happens in the cellar or at the vineyard, we will be happy to be of some assistance.

Although the profession of the winemaker is the same, the care for the vineyard, the vine and the grapes are similar, the equipment and the technology used in the cellar do not di er - each winery comes with its own experience, ideas and tradi- tions which make wine such a different product.

In this edition again, we remain true to our principles:

  • Equality – we approached all the wines and wineries with the same diligence and responsibility;
  • Impartiality – the ratings of the wines are determined in good will by the taste, experience and knowledge of the team, without being influenced by the name, size and history of the winery;
  • Comprehensiveness – we strive to cover all Bulgarian wineries and their wines on the market.

If your interest and curiosity do not end with the liquid in the glass, if you are interested in geography, climate, traditions, we recommend that you visit some wineries, talk to the wine- makers and ... taste some wines!

Tzveta Tanovska and Katia Iontcheva