The truth is, I am interested in the world of wine and excited by it. I am a bit reckless, which to a certain extend goes well with wine. It is strange that I was invited to write the introductory words to such a serious professional catalogue dedicated to the wine production in Bulgaria. I am a regular customer of the wine industry and that is why I am considered important. Got it!

The wine advisor (KA&TA) should be very close to you. As is your general practioner. Same as your marriage and tax advisor, as well as your personal banker. They must be very good at their job – so that you can trust them and believe in them, because if they are not, they can give you a lot of trouble (just like all other important people in your life). It can ruin your food, spoil the taste of your lunch or ruin holidays, or at least spoil your mood, which is actually not little.

As a youngster, I myself have strong memories of a book cover: it is about the American edition of “The Holiday which is always with you” by Ernest Hemingway, which tells the story of a group of poor foreign intellectuals in Paris. The book itself is my favorite, but the cover has played and continues to play an important role in my attitude to life: an old, scratched table, a cork and a corkscrew, a sharp pencil and a sharpener with fresh shavings from the pencil, a checked notepad with several words written on it, a baquette broken at one end and a lot of small and large bread crumbs, a plate of mussels and several open shells, roasted chestnuts, all scattered on the table and most importantly, a beautiful bottle of white wine with two unfinished glasses next to it. A picture that gives me a real sense of “life”! And there stands the bottle of wine like a milestone, though a little on the side.

wineries in Bulgaria. He always has bare bottles. Without labels, caps and other decorations. I am sometimes sitting in his office talking about motorbikes and other male stuff , but my eyes are all the time on the bottles. Various in colour and shape. Thin, short, oval, long ... Thinking what will go into them: white, rosé or red. I am sure that as the shape of the glass goes with the wine, the bottle should also match it. From personal experience I can say that I would not drink wine from the “wrong” bottle with an ugly or unnatural label. Such a mistakes can not catch my site, nor am I willing to pay for it. So, I respect the profession of my friend because he is good at dressing up the year-long labour and dreams of hundreds of people before him. He is important! He is very important!

I am writing this introduction to a book that contains many bottles and it seems really possible that “the holiday will always be with you”. But let’s not get carried away. It is a great pleasure to discover a good wine and share your discovery with friends. And this book is a journey that Katia and Tzveta invite us to share with them. They are are on a journey! I envy them a lot!

Please, do not taste the whole list. After all life and everything in it is a matter of choice.

George Kouzmov