The wines are fermented and bottled at the Bratanovi winery.
Oenologists: Maria Stoeva, Luca D'Attoma (consultant)
Tel: +44 7956 377 705
Wine tasting is available by appointment only.

Ivo Varbanov is an unusual winemaker. He is a professional musician, a pianist. His vineyards are situated in South Sakar near the village of Izvorovo.

Tasted Wines 2013

Wandering Shadows Ondine Rosè Tuileries

Tasted Wines 2014

Violet Spring Alegro Barbaro La Puerta del Vino Eusebius

Tasted Wines 2015

La Belle Excentrique Violet Spring Alegro Barbaro

Tasted Wines 2016

Clair de lune, Ivo Varbanov Feux d’artifice Syrah, Ivo Varbanov Feux d’artifice Syrah best barrel, Ivo Varbanov Scaramouche, Ivo Varbanov

Tasted Wines 2017

Scaramouche La Cenerentola Miroirs Feux d'artifice Syrah Mezeppa

Tasted Wines 2018

Fly in a Jar Poissons D’or Queen of the Night Arabella The Firebird Emperor

Tasted Wines 2019

Rusallka ceci n‘est pas un rose L'Elisir d’amore Queen of the Night

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